Hello, just wanted to put out a public service announcement to our immediate community to be aware of the practice of Quackery.

Noun: Quackery – The practice of fraudulent medicine, usually in order to make money or for ego gratification and power; health fraud. – Century Dictionary

Unfortunately, as long as their have been people practicing medicine and patients, there has been Quackery.

Further Quackery is alive and thriving in Bradenton/Sarasota. Many patients fall prey to Quacks and their practices resulting in poor outcomes and injury, further many patients will themselves toward it.

Examples of Quackery include extensive and unnecessary labs tests. Recommending various unnecessary supplements and/or medications. Unnecessary procedures, and much more.

Here at this office we practice the opposite: Evidence Based Medicine. Means, anything I recommend my patients I can cite randomized, placebo controlled, trials to support this. Patients should expect nothing less. If you have any questions, please ask your doctor about Quackery or contact us. It is a large topic of discussion.

Dr. K

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