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Welcome to The Patient Survival Guide Newsletter.


It’s been years in the making, but the time has finally come to share the wealth of knowledge we’ve acquired through our solo internal medicine practice. Over the past seven years, we’ve learned a great deal about people, human behavior, and ourselves. Every day, we encounter new challenges and triumphs, each teaching us valuable lessons.

Understanding Through Empathy

After a few years of practicing medicine, it became clear that the best way to help a patient is to put myself in their shoes. To offer the best support, I need to understand their situation fully and ask myself, “What would I do?” The more you practice something, the better you get at it.

Purpose of This Newsletter

The idea behind this newsletter is to continue sharing knowledge, but here with fewer restrictions. What kind of information are patients and non-patients looking for regarding healthcare in 2024? What key points do they need to know? How can they navigate the healthcare system to achieve better health? What high-quality, reliable, and unbiased healthcare educational content is available?

Educational and Informative Content

This newsletter aims to share quality information with those interested in learning. It offers a reliable delivery method for educational and informative content and seeks to dispel common myths. No topic is off-limits, and we strive to make it entertaining and engaging.

East County IM

Many of our patients know the unique, patient-centric experience they receive at ECIM. Our practice stands out in a market increasingly dominated by large corporations. We are proud to be independent, offering personalized care in an engaging and non-boring manner.  Patients receive prompt support, and love coming to the office.

Navigating Healthcare in 2024

Practicing medicine in 2024 is exciting and rapidly evolving. Technology and expanding telehealth laws are increasing our capacity to care for patients more efficiently than ever before. This newsletter will dive into specifics and provide useful insights into how your healthcare happens. Access to healthcare is crucial, but understanding how to engage with the healthcare system is even more critical.

Preventing Medical Errors

Medical error is the third leading cause of death in the USA. One of the central themes of this newsletter is recognizing and minimizing medical errors as a patient. Given the complexity of the healthcare system, this is vital information for everyone.

Sharing Knowledge to Protect and Save

Our goal is to share knowledge that helps protect you from harm and saves time and money.

Hands-On, Practical Information

Our practice has learned a tremendous amount from each patient encounter and continues to learn every day. By sharing successful outcomes and lessons on what not to do, we hope to help you navigate the healthcare system effectively.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We look forward to sharing valuable insights and helping you navigate the healthcare jungle with confidence.