How Long Does it Take?


Can I do it by Telemed?

Only if Already Established in the Program.

How much does it Cost?

See the main page for the fees.

Can I smoke it?

Yes Flower is available.

Are Edibles Here?

Yes, Brownies, Cookies, Gummies are all available.

How do I start?

Contact us by phone, or email or through the website.

Does it Help?

The Patient Feedback is Overwhelming Positive.  When patients return after 7 months, the typical response is that they are getting relief in some form or another, and wish to continue treatment.

Is it safe?

In comparison to many of the medications that we prescribe for Internal Medicine purposes, Medical Cannabis is among one of, if not the safest, drug treatment we can offer.

Can I keep or pursue my CCW while being a patient in the State Cannabis Program?

Yes. See this very informative link with explanation and references.

Can Medical Marijuana Patients Have a Concealed Weapons Permit in Florida?

My Current Doctor Makes me Return Frequently, How often must I follow with you?

At this office we allow patients the longest interval provided by the state, that is 210 days, as long as there are no issues, there is no need to come in sooner.

Can you be My Primary Doctor?


I am already enrolled in the program but feel I am paying too much, can I switch to you?

Yes.  We are aware there are entities that are charging considerably higher for providing same or in many cases restricted access to the state program.  We are happy to have those patients switch to us, and to spread that word.  We are happy to be able to provide this service to the community.  For that reason we have waived the New Patient Fee to help liberate those folks from that relationship.

Are you Affiliated with any particular Dispensary?


How do I obtain Medical Cannabis, once approved?

There are approximately 300 dispensing locations throughout the state, as of 11/2020, with more still to open.  Approved patients are free to access anyone of these, and purchase from a selection of oral, inhalation, or topical routes.  We will assist you in choosing local options if needed.

What is the status of my Card?

The current processing time for Compassionate Use Registry Identification Cards is 7-10 days from the time the Department receives your application. If you are submitting an application by mail, please allow an additional 3-5 days for delivery of your application. Submitting an incomplete application will increase the amount of time required to process your account.